• »Focus online«, 11/01/06

    Vegetable protein stabilises blood pressure

    Tofu fans know that vegetable protein has a positive effect on blood pressure. There is also a small comfort for steak-lovers: animal protein evidently does no harm.


  • »Hamburger Abendblatt«, 29/07/05

    Amino acids — how he lost 20 kilos

    When Mark Warnecke got up yesterday morning, he found 1350 emails waiting for him. Some congratulated him, others asked how he had managed to lose 20 kilograms.


  • »Basler Zeitung«, 13/04/05

    Ancient enzyme as a dietary consultant

    The tendency of mammals to eat a balanced diet is inborn, according to a new study. An ancient evolutionary enzyme has been shown to prompt the brain to choose a healthy diet rich in amino acids.


  • »Welt am Sonntag« newspaper, 20/02/05

    Amino acids in nectar increase fertility

    Butterflies prefer flowers with nectar containing a high concentration of amino acids. Scientists at the University of Basel have found that amino acids have a positive effect on butterfly fertility.


  • »«, 06/07/04

    Proteins satiate

    .. Why do low-carb fans still lose weight? The reason is probably quite trivial: »proteins satisfy our hunger so that we eat less on a protein-rich diet,« says Klaus. “Amino acids, which are produced by the degradation of proteins in the body, influence the formation of certain “messengers” in the brain that make us feel satiated. Sensors in the gastrointestinal tract also register proteins as satiating.«


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  • »Mitteldeutsche Zeitung newspaper«

    Arginine and zinc make sperm cells more resilient

    “Men should ensure that they consume a balanced diet and get enough exercise” explained Professor Frank Sommer from the Institute for Men’s Health, at the Hamburg-Eppendorf Clinic in Germany. He specifically recommended arginine when presenting his nutritional advice, as the amino acid can have a positive effect on the dynamics and fitness of sperm cells. The trace element zinc also contributes to the resilience of these cells.